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I wrote a message for hope about Paris and Charlie Ebud Has posted a brand new article on Paris and CHALIE HEBDO in 'Heart Planet Heart Galaxy by Setsuko Chiba' '.

2015-01-12 02:43:09 UTC

board image board image Poetry reading art performance recital, and collaboration with French musicians such as CD poetry collection, one poet, one artist I have been grateful for the opportunity of many wonderful developments in Paris, this time in Paris To the tragic incident that happened, as well as many people, my heart is hurting. I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who were sacrificed unfortunately, and to my bereaved family, and praying for my heartfelt incidents to happen again, some sites have condolences and love I will write a message for hope and peace. The other day, UP LINK in Tokyo Shibuya who had taken care of as a base for the live activity for many years We have taken care of every day, including webDICE #, UP LINK's information site that operates FACTORY and transmits Japanese intellectual culture 【 Posted a new essay on the matter to Heike Planet Heart Galaxy Official Blog Official Chiba Senko. According to the news this morning, here in Japan, the demonstration for the society making without condolences and terrorism occurs in the capital city, Tokyo is being carried out in a tough manner. The sky is connecting our lives. I do not think that it is an event in a distant area, I would like to cooperate with many people with a lot of hearts, spreading over the head, constantly believing in the sky of one with each one of us, a person and a person trusting each other.

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