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Through a legendary photographer, Kikujiro Fukushima, I wrote about hope and about love.

2015-01-06 07:03:32 UTC

board image Since last year, I was having a busy year with my work in London and Milan, so I could not catch up with the operation of each site and I am very sorry for everyone. Since the year has also changed, a little extra margin was born, after all, a blog that had been closed for a long time, 【Heart Planet Heart Galaxy Official Blog Chiba Senior】, last year A legendary photographer who visited on 27th December, Kikujiro Fukushima who is 94 years old this year will be exhibiting hope and great love through photograph exhibition and lecture at Parthenon Tama located near Keio Tama Center Station , We have decided to open the curtain of a new year called 2015. I really hope that you can use the soul of the resistance of love and belief in love and faith in the human rights and life dignity of Mr. Kikujiro Fukushima while using my thoughtful wish. It will be a small opportunity. Even if everyone is saved, I pray from the bottom of my heart that this year will be a better year than new renewal of hope shine.

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