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[Setsuko Chiba - Chika Setsuko Chiba ~ Talking about the soul's planet] can not see it, so we introduced a photographer, Mr. Ikemeki's introduction, I will introduce it once again

2014-09-06 14:50:37 UTC

In the 1980s, he debuted the world debut with British authoritative photographic magazine, creative camera, and in the Japanese photographic world since the 1990s, photographer Mr. Ikejiri Kim, who has many fans with its unique expression of beauty From the portrait of Sengoku Chiba, it is a visual project that has chosen by the poet 's eye as a concept of light and is structured and it is delivering in the name of portrait performance The newest video of the series , 【Stsuko Chiba Chiba Setsuko ~ Forest of the planet of the soul speaks Dialogue Love with Soul Planet Forest】 has been produced. . Actually, the situation where the video temporarily can not be seen temporarily occurred the other day, so I was reluctantly excited and got to the circumstances that I will introduce it once again. The work of this time has made the concept to the reconstruction of the mind and the insatiable appreciation for life with the deep green forest which is one of the symbols of life as the background. For more detailed information, please see 【Setsuko Chiba Setsuko Chiba Art Heart Gallery】, "SETSUKO ICON / POETGRAPHOLLIA", so please do not hesitate to contact us. Today, here, Shirakawa was also a day to smell the air to the air somewhere, while letting the sultry heat peculiar to the hot weather drift. Please do not miss out on your health, so please have a wonderful weekend.

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