Setsuko Chiba Setsuko Chiba
Full name Setsuko Chiba
Last name Chiba
First name Setsuko
Sex female
Blood type O
Speak language English,Japanese
Languages read English,Japanese
Birthplace Japan

Known for the artistic poetry reading performance sometimes with music and video instalaition and such unique art works including CD.Her strong impressing style and existence are not only avant garde and also sensual elegant beauty.It feels like something awesome between soul and soul in a secret room in her show.There is nobody special in the Japanese poetry reading world just like her("Artist").

Known by a poet and artist.Started the avant- garde poetry reading performance with audio-visual sets in NY.Taken as the renascance of poetry and living literature through the "Setsuko Chiba"s Poetry Theater Live"in Tokyo for the years in many major midiums.The TV program,"Angel・Setsuko Chiba" was on the air.Published CD"Nightmare Garden"with Hoppy Kamiyama in Tokyo,"Mango Man Go"with Jean-Francois Pauvros in Paris and others.Show some art project at gallery and write for some magazines.


  • Genre of music
    • マリア・ジョアオ・ピリス、ミーシャ・マイスキー、ラフマニノフ、バッハ ( Translate )
  • Genre of films
    • ヴィスコンティ、チャップリン、タルコフスキー ( Translate )
  • Genre of books
  • Plants
  • Fashion
    • ハーモニーとポリシーを感じさせる、その人だからこそ着こなせられる装い ( Translate )


  • Gardening in my little about twenty years old roses and herbs garden,Cooking,Aroma,Perfume,Movie,Photo,Music,Fashion,Dialogue,Looking at the sky,Being with my soul mate,Maf-Maf which is almost thirteen years old cat ( Translate | Translation History )

Specialized field


  • 詩を音楽、映像等と共に演劇化、パフォーマンス化し、アートとして表現すること ( Translate )


  • Company
    Setsuko Chiba
    Type of business
    Poet,Artist,Poetry Reading Art Performer

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